Integrated classification schemas to interlink cultural heritage collections over the web using LOD technologies

Carlos Marcondes
08 May 2022 (date deposited)

Libraries, archives, and museum collections are now being published over the web using LOD technologies. Many of them have thematic intersections or are related to other web subjects and resources such as authorities, sites for historic events, online exhibitions, or to articles in Wikipedia and its sibling resources DBpedia and Wikidata. The full potential of such published initiatives using LOD rests heavily on the meaningful interlinking of such collections. Within these contextual vocabularies and classifications, schemas are important, as they provide meaning and context to heritage data. This paper proposes comprehensive classification schemas—a CRR (Culturally Relevant Relationships) vocabulary and a classification schema of types of heritage objects—to order, integrate, and provide structure to cultural heritage data brought about with the publication of heritage collections as LOD.

International Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies
Heritage objects, digital collections, classification, interlinking, culturally relevant relationships, Linked Data
發布日期:2022年05月23日 最後更新:2022年05月30日