Call me by your name : towards an authority data control shared between archives and libraries

Pierluigi Feliciati
15 January 2022

An important and not often addressed topic – considering the issues opened by cross-disciplinary projects – is the shared control of authority records, or better authority metadata, extended to other documentary and cultural heritage sciences.  This paper will examine the potential opened by multi-dimensional and networked logics in the representation of entities in the form of data towards which the document communities are converging. This approach is even more valid if we consider the users' point of view, presently forced to jump from one information environment to another, and confront different names, forms and attributes for the same entities. The core entities to work on are persons, corporate bodies, places, chronological contexts, events, qualifying their relationships.

After a brief resume of archival description's peculiarity, the paper highlights the updated standards available, mostly IFLA-LRM and RiC, precious documents to start from and stimulate an active collaboration. To facilitate the sharing, control, and enrichment of authority data in the form of RDF assertions, librarians and archivists may follow several pathways: matching the existing conceptual models, converging on a shared data playground like Wikidata, and developing foundational meta-ontology.


Italian Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science
Archival description; Semantic web; Wikidata; Authority data; IFLA-LRM; RiC.
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