Automated Subject Indexing: An Overview

Koraljka Golub
13 Dec. 2021

In the face of the ever-increasing document volume, libraries around the globe are more and more exploring (semi-) automated approaches to subject indexing. This helps sustain bibliographic objectives, enrich metadata, and establish more connections across documents from various collections, effectively leading to improved information retrieval and access. However, generally accepted automated approaches that are functional in operative systems are lacking. This article aims to provide an overview of basic principles used for automated subject indexing, major approaches in relation to their possible application in actual library systems, existing working examples, as well as related challenges calling for further research.

Cataloging & Classification Quarterly
Automated subject indexing; automated subject classification; knowledge organization systems (KOS); subject analysis; online retrieval
發布日期:2022年01月20日 最後更新:2022年01月27日