Book Review: The Digital Archives Handbook: A Guide to Creation, Management, and Preservation

Ashley Howdeshell

The Digital Archives Handbook seeks to provide practitioners with the “who, what, and how of digital archives” (p. xx). Bringing together archivists and experts, Aaron D. Purcell has created a guide on how to handle digital archives. The volume is divided into two sections, the first addressing practices and processes and the second detailing specific types of materials and archival environments. Functional aspects of digital archives, such as infrastructure, access, donors and deeds of gift, institutional commitment, and researchers' needs, are illustrated with real-world examples. Each of the ten chapters in the book is written by a practitioner or expert who has hands-on experience with digital archives. Much like Purcell's book about donor relations, Donors and Archives: A Guidebook for Successful Programs (Rowman and Littlefield, 2015), this volume is intended to be a practical guide to help archivists begin managing digital archives and not stay mired in theory or presumptions of ideal situations.

The American Archivist
Vol. 83, No. 1
發布日期:2020年06月29日 最後更新:2020年06月29日