Oral History Interview of PCC Founding

David Reser, Jeanne Drewes & Ann Della Porta

The Library of Congress (LC) is conducting oral history interviews of staff. As part of this effort, Ann Della Porta (ADP) and Dave Reser (DR) were recently interviewed and parts of the interview provide background into their role in the beginning of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC), among other topics. Jeanne Drewes (JD), Chief of the Library’s Binding and Collections Care Division, served as the interviewer. The transcript of the interview has been edited for length to focus on the beginnings of the PCC, and to follow a chronological order. Please note that the entire interview will be available on the Library of Congress website, which includes how both Ann and Dave got their start at the Library and their earlier work there.

Cataloging & Classification Quarterly
發布日期:2020年03月30日 最後更新:2020年03月30日