National and international trends in library and information science research: A comparative review of the literature

Mallikarjun Dora & H. Anil Kumar
December 11, 2019

The study is an attempt to understand the trends in LIS research by analyzing published literature on the topic. The study identifies and analyses 39 research papers on LIS research trends in various countries, three papers on LIS research trends in regional countries and 13 papers on LIS research trends with an international perspective. The findings of the study reveal that there is a similarity among various countries as far as the LIS research topics are concerned but with a different focus at different periods. While understanding international research trends in LIS, it was interesting to note that the research trend in China was similar to the worldwide research trend while the pattern in other countries differed.

IFLA Journal
Library and information science, LIS research, research trends, subject trends, topics trends
發布日期:2020年01月03日 最後更新:2020年01月03日