The Program for Cooperative Cataloging’s Transformative Role as a Leader of Change

Philip E. Schreur
2019 Nov.

The transformation of library metadata encoded in MARC to linked data will enable libraries to participate in the Semantic Web. This transformation, however, will be an iterative development dependent upon community-based decisions. The PCC, as a community-based organization, is ideally positioned to lead this transformation. As PCC guides this transition, three broad areas must be resolved: the conversion of legacy data to linked data, the use of identifiers to support controlled headings, and the transformation of current workflows to linked-data counterparts. By embracing the Web as a community, PCC can confirm its relevance in a complex web of global data.

Cataloging & Classification Quarterly
Authority control, MARC 21 formats, cooperative cataloging, information retrieval, metadata standards
發布日期:2019年12月02日 最後更新:2019年12月02日